E A R  S T Y L I N G

Ear Styling is a service where I work with you to design your perfect ear!

Here's how it works; When booking your appointment you will need to send me a picture of the ear you'd like styled & I will draw up some ideas on my iPad. When you come in for your appointment we can finalise the design/make any adjustments & then go ahead and perform the piercings!

It's as simple as that! At £60 per ear it includes all the piercings & jewellery we will use. Perfect for someone that wants multiple piercings in one go or someone that simply wants some guidance & advice on what piercings would suit their anatomy best. (and it will save you some coins!)

A typical ear styling will include 2-4 piercings dependent on your style / pain tolerance / existing piercings.

Contact me using our contact form for more details!