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Bring your piercing dreams and ideas to life

In our friendly, council registered piercing studio we only use internally threaded, implant grade titanium body jewellery for all body piercings and single use sterile piercing needles and tools.

We operate a strict ID rule and anyone under 16 must attend with a parent or guardian for consent.

Professional Body Piercing

There are many reasons why people get piercings, from the aesthetic of how it looks, the culture, or the belief in the health effects of the piercings (for example, the daith piercing which is thought to ease the symptoms of migraines)

At Eclipse we offer a wide range of piercings to met your individual needs.

Microdermals & Skin Divers

Microdermal anchors and skin divers are a unique alternative to regular piercings that can be placed in most areas of the body. Most commonly; the collarbone, neck, wrists, face, hips and navel.

Adding one or more to a tattoo can enhance your look 

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